We regularly run three seminar series, one in formal methods, one in software engineering, and one on compilers and programming languages. Another seminar relevant to PL/FM/SE is the ITI Trust and Security Seminar

The seminars below are often listed as CS591 courses as well, allowing earning of credits for participating in them.


  • Formal Methods Seminar 

    The formal methods seminar in the Computer Science department at the University of Illinois focuses on various aspects of formal methods for both software and hardware, including specification, modeling, verification, and development of safe and secure systems.
    For announcements, please subscribe to the Fm mailing list.

  • Compiler and Programming Languages Seminar 

    The compiler and programming languages seminar in the CS Department focuses on various aspects of programming languages design and implementation, and compiler construction. This seminar is run jointly with the Arch/Compiler/Parallel-Prog area.
    For announcements, please subscribe to the compiler and/or prog-lang mailing list(s).

  • Brett Daniel Software Engineering Seminar

    The software engineering seminar, named after Brett Daniel, a graduate student at UIUC, focuses on various topics related to software engineering, including software development, maintenance, and evolution, patterns of software design, software testing, and refactoring techniques.
    For announcements, please subscribe to the soft-eng mailing list.


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